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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Hand Painted Wardrobe to Compliment Any Colour Scheme Before & After

This is #3 in my series of pieces inspired by the old doors of Europe.  I added the picture below to show you the door that inspired the paint colors, style, etc.

This is four paint colors and two stain colors. It's so fun to see how they all work together.  I never really know how my vision will all come together until I really stand back and have a good look.

Here is the BEFORE photo.

The door on the left was my inspiration.  I opted for more blue in my piece but the idea was similar. I absolutely LOVE the finish. 

Time to get started on the next one!



  1. GORGEOUS! This is my favorite piece...so far.

  2. Just like the Old Masters, this is a Masterpiece. KUDOS.

  3. How do you get the sanding so smooth and the paint colors so graduated from one into the next?